OPSIM Version 8.3 Released

The OPSIM Team is very pleased to announce the release of OPSIM Version 8.3.  This version has some particularly significant improvements, including:

  • New: Modes for tailings deposition modelling in Universal Storage type nodes
  • New: Auto raise of crest, spillways, etc in Universal Storage type nodes with tailings deposition
  • Improved: A range of functionality improvements: graph plotting, solids specifications, evaporation losses, etc.

Of course, there are a whole host of other improvements, but we’ll leave it up to you to check them out in the “What’s New” file – and the built-in reference manual.

As of version 8.3.2, the built-in reference manual also includes a What's New section that contains relevant hot-links to full details of new (or improved) features.  A new Help | Whats New... menu item has also been included to make it even easier to explore the scope of new features.

Access to the upgrade may be obtained via:

  • New install setup file that can be downloaded from the OPSIM web-site:
  • Upgrade using the OPSIM “Help | Check for Updates” menu item (in your existing OPSIM Version 8.2)

We are now hard at work on the next update, with more new features for increased usability, productivity and quality.

Kind regards

John and the OPSIM team.


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